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Chico’s Pico New Mango Papaya Salsa is now available at all Sprouts and Sunflower Markets

Chico’s Pico Mango Papaya Salsa is finally here and we can’t be more excited!

"Chico's Pico Mango Papaya Salsa"

Oh Sweet Heat!

We took fresh mangos and papayas combined with just the right amount of heat and a hint of natural agave nectar. This vibrant colored and full flavored salsa will liven up anything from chips to chicken or your favorite fish….even your spoon is perfect for Chico’s Pico Mango Papaya Salsa. Grab a tub and get your mango on…you will be glad you did!

You like us, you really like us!

FoodProcessing.comWe often read articles in our industry and were pleasantly surprised to see Chico’s Pico on the list of Reader favorites over at FoodProcessing.com. To be recognized by our peers means so much to us. So we wanted to says thanks. Below is a snippet from the site…

Food Processing Editors Pick Their Favorite New Food and Beverage Products of 2011

Our favorite products of the year tend to please, calories be damned!

There’s no doubt new products are the lifeblood of the industry, and consumers like to buy them, try them and talk about them. Actually, most people consider themselves experts on the subject and happily share their views with anyone who will listen.

Read more in this article:

Readers chime in

We wanted to let the readers of FoodProcessing.com in on the fun too. We asked in an online poll what your favorite products of 2011 were. Here are the answers:

Craisins® Original Dried Cranberries
Fun da-Middles
Perri Perri Chicken Sub
Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey
Bagel thins, Thomas’ pretzel bagels
Snickers Squares

Chicos Pico is honored to be mentioned amongst the others on that list. So thanks to the readers of FoodProcessing.com for voting for us in the online poll!

Chico for Charity

Autism SpeaksChicos Pico will be participating in a charity event at the end of October. A portion of the sale from every Chicos tub purchased at Sprouts stores between September 12th through October 30th will go towards our donation at the “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” drive being held at Tempe Beach Park, AZ on Oct 30th. Chico will be walking AND donating at this great event.  So go out to Sprouts today, grab an extra tub of Chicos Pico salsa, and know that you are helping out the folks at Autism Speaks.
For more info on the event:
For more information on the charity:

Are you ready for some football?

The NFL season is about to begin and Chico is ready for some football. Are you?

Chico's Pico salsaHead on down to your local store and pick up a tub with the Bandido on the label. We’ve got both Hot and Mild salsas waiting to go home and watch the games with you.

If you need to find out the NFL schedule, here are a couple of helpful links.

NFL.com the official schedule page.

Fox Sports we like this one because you can easily get other sports info as well.

Yahoo! Sports has a few extra features, like scores, and fantasy football. So you may want to check it out too.

Grab a tub of Chicos Pico salsa, and kick up your chips!

Chico’s Pico in Sports Illustrated

Beimel Sports Illustrated

(click to enlarge)

It seems like just yesterday that we saw our name in Sports Illustrated magazine. Here’s a photo of the page where Joe Beimel gave us our first nationwide shout out. Back when the issue first dropped we were thrilled that he liked our salsa. Today we can hardly believe that he’s now part of the Chico Posse and working with us to help spread the Chico love to clubhouses across the nation.

Thanks Joe!

Brand new web site, same great salsa!

Kick up your chipsHey there Chico fans! Thanks for checking out the new site. The new format will make it easier for us to keep you updated on all the exciting things we have planned for ChicosPico Salsa. So check out the Find Us page, go grab a tub of salsa and “kick up your chips” as you check us out!

Thanks, Chico

Where’s the Chico?

We have received numerous requests from our faithful Chico fans asking “Where’s the Chico?”  As you know, Sprouts and Henry’s Farmers Markets have merged to become one great store and now have over 100 stores carrying Chicospico Salsa. As part of the process they have moved Chicospico salsa to the “Deli Side” of their stores with all the other salsa campers.  Thanks again for thinking of us! We’ll keep those Chico salsa barrels heading your way!