Where’s the Chico?

We have received numerous requests from our faithful Chico fans asking “Where’s the Chico?”  As you know, Sprouts and Henry’s Farmers Markets have merged to become one great store and now have over 100 stores carrying Chicospico Salsa. As part of the process they have moved Chicospico salsa to the “Deli Side” of their stores with all the other salsa campers.  Thanks again for thinking of us! We’ll keep those Chico salsa barrels heading your way!

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Hot or Mild? The choice is yours.


TASTES Great, LESS Kick!

Chico's Pico Mild

Brand new addition to Chico posse… MILD version for all you trail hands that where asking for a little less kick.

And don’t worry, we still have the famous Hot version that you know and love.

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About Us

Chico’s Pico is tasty and chip kick’n!

It’s fresh tomatoes and spices have been blended per an old Mexican recipe
to enhance any food dish and awaken those tastebuds!

Chico Bandito

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