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Chico’s Pico
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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Vicki

    I love your pico for the flavor and that it has vinegar instead of lime or lemon, which I am allergic to.

    I don’t love that the plastic container it comes in.I think you need to switch to package like the chimayo salsa or switch to compostable or biodegradable packaging.

    Vicki B.

    1. Chico Post author

      Vicki, always great to hear feedback from folks. Glad you love our flavor, we do too. :)
      We also love the suggestion about packaging and will definitely look into that as we continue to grow the business. Thanks!

  2. Zoe Mikol

    Why did Henry’s stop carrying you? Now they are joining up with Sprouts.
    Can you press to have Sprouts carry you! Where can I buy your salsa?

    1. Chico Post author

      Hey Zoe, thanks for writing in. Actually both Henry’s and Sprouts are carrying Chicospico. Henry’s moved us into the refrigerated section with the other salsas in our local store, so you may have to look on the other side of your Henry’s for us. We are in Henry’s… unless we’re sold out. But our salsa slingers are refilling the shelves as soon as they empty. So keep checking back. Thanks for the support!
      Oh, and we try to keep this page updated as more stores are added…

  3. Chad Mohler

    Picked up your Salsa for the first time at Sprouts in Round Rock, TX. Gotta say this is some of the best Salsa I have ever had. I thought Texas had the Salsa game locked down but Cali is coming in strong. Great job guys. Your Salsa has become a staple in my household.


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