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Chico’s Posse is proud to offer their testimonials and rave reviews of our Salsa. If you want to be included, leave a comment below along with your contact info and we’ll add you to our growing Posse of loyal Chico’s Pico fans!
Toby HallToby Hall/Major League catcher: Toby was instrumental in helping Chico get from the blender to mass production status, when Chico only had a wagon n spoon.  He also showed Chico how to grow his own soul patch or goatee which you can find on our label.  Toby is the all-time doubles leader for the Devil Rays and was also nominated for best short-clip by Southbound n Down film awards for his you tube video “Thunderstick.”
joe_beimel_chico_posseJoe Beimel/Major League pitcher: Joe and Carley Beimel are responsible for increasing west coast sales by 100% with their great personalities and in-store sales appearances.  Ashley Schaffer would be proud.
“I’ve been across this great country and can say Chicos is the best!”
“In the pages of history are going to talk about 3 things: The discovery of fire, invention of the submarine, and CHICOS PICO SALSA”
Pedroia_fieldingDustin Pedroia/Major League All-Star: I always look forward to getting some Chicos when we roll in to Anaheim.
Nick Massett/Major League pitcher: “A cold one,bag of chips and Chicospico and I’m good to go.  Thanks Chico for making the tastiest salsa in The Bigs.”
Jace M/Professional skateboarder 2011 Maloof cup Champ: I can drink a tub myself. Best thing since ketchup.  “Jace is Chico’s first sponsored skater”
Paul Frank
Paul Frank Industries:  “Our staff loves your salsa. Makes our monkey jump!” –

Brian Harkins/L.A Angels Clubhouse Mgr: Thanks for always giving us a winner.


Gabe/Whitesox clubhouse Mgr: “Authentic,fresh and consistent. Chico’s is the only salsa I serve on the Southside.”

“I’ve become somewhat obsessed with Chico’s Pico’s new addition to their -fresh- salsa line. I’ve stocked up with enough Mango Papaya to keep me alive for days if needed, with the plan of becoming a salsa pusher, distributing this sweet and spicy snack at every turn.”

Beer SoakedBeer Soaked – “Chicospico Salsa goes great with any beer. We believe that you need a variety of beer in your fridge, but only one salsa. Thanks Chicospico!” –

Lisa – Hungry-Girl
Hungry-Girl loves Chico's Pico

“Your salsa is REALLY excellent.”- Lisa / Hungry Girl CEO

Fast Food Maven
Fast Food Maven

“I have to say, I’ve tasted Chico’s Pico and it is a fantastic salsa. It’s chunky and flavorful, but also packs some heat. Co-founder Rick Chavez based the salsa on his grandmother’s recipe.”

– Nancy Luna / Fast Food Maven

I’ve been eating it for breakfast this morning. It’s really, really yummy! In fact, it’s probably the best packaged salsa I’ve ever had. I wish it was for sale in my area. You need to expand to the NYC market! 
Sarah E. Needleman/Small Business Reporter “The Wall Street Journal.”

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6 Responses to Chico’s Posse

  1. Ashley Hollins says:

    I love your Salsa. I just bought some last night and I am addicted now!!!

  2. Brian says:

    I actually came here expecting some kind of cold, commercial food processing conglomerate, but I had to learn more about the posse. What a pleasant surprise. Chico’s Pico has all kinds of flavor. Good on ya!

  3. Benj says:

    I am a proud Chico’s soldier!

  4. Jimmy George says:

    Hi, is Chico’s Pico Salsa Hot gluten Free?
    super great salsa btw!
    jimmy george
    austin, tx

  5. Chico says:

    Jimmy! Thanks for your take on The Chico Hot! 100% gluten/wheat protein free.

  6. Katie says:

    Your salsa is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve tried a lot of salsa in my life, and this salsa takes the cake! I have a tub in my fridge at all times :)

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